Friday, January 22, 2021
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Our Story

TriStar Digital Connections, LLC was formed in April 2005. Reflected on the TriStar Digital Connections team of associates is over 20 years of directly related consumer and professional experience, meeting customers' demands for visual communications solutions and audio-video products. TriStar Digital Connections' core competency is in the area of visual communications, specifically presenting video conferencing and dynamic digital signage solutions as well as audio-video integration solutions. Video conferencing has evolved significantly, reflecting drops in price for both hardware and bandwidth. The drop in pricing along with improved technology allows for much improved video calls over lower bandwidths at reasonable pricing. This has contributed to the catapult of this technology to become mainstream, allowing businesses to realize improved efficiencies and cost savings; the result of reduced travel and more available productive time. TriStar Digital Connections hopes to take advantage of this technology evolution to help businesses become more efficient and productive, resulting in growth and an improved bottom line performance.

TriStar Digital Connections has secured key vendor partners to assist with many different visual communications design/engineering solutions based on specific business applications and requirements. In addition to recommending their products and solutions, we have all of their respective technology and engineering resources available to us and for our customers. Collaborative communications encompasses a deep understanding of the many technologies available such as digital media streaming, collaborative conferencing and meetings, web-casting technology such as uni-casting and multi-casting.

We at TriStar Digital Connections can help you make the right decisions once you know the available technologies and their benefits. TriStar Digital Connections' familiarity and experience in the technology industry positions us as the design consultant who can present the ideal solution for you or any business that seeks to improve their visual communications methods and infrastructure along with the right vendor-partnerships and resources to help with its deployment.

So call today and schedule an appointment for one of our associates to come by and see how we can help you improve your corporate communications by allowing us to bring you tomorrow's technology today!


We seek to integrate the latest audio visual communications technology into businesses, schools, and government to help them reach their full potential by providing high quality products and excellent customer service.

Mission Statement

TriStar Digital Connections is an audio visual company that focuses on improving internal and external communications for both public and private entities. We partner with you to meet all your audio/visual needs and solutions. Furthermore, we will continue to provide you with excellent customer service even after the job has been done because we are looking for long term relationships and to maintain your trust in us and our ability to serve you. Our ultimate focus is to create loyal relationships with our customers, and we seek to achieve this through exceeding your expectations in every aspect.

Value Statement

Duty - We believe that it is our duty to be a productive participant in our community; a positive influence to our employees, and an exceptional partner to our business partners. We will spend our time and resources on making sure we do our part in creating jobs, promoting environmental conservation, contributing to and assisting in community awareness issues, and setting examples for all we interact with.

Respect - We believe it is the culmination of different backgrounds, beliefs, and cultures that foster true creativity and innovation. Therefore we respect and appreciate the different strengths our employees, community, and other business associates bring to the table.

Integrity - We believe that integrity is the one true value that other core values centralize around. Trust is the cornerstone of all great relationships, both business and personal, and can only be earned by demonstrating a true commitment to making decisions based on what is morally and ethically right, all the time.

Vision - We believe that vision and the courage to pursue and achieve vision is what brings ideas and dreams into fruition. Defining vision and the individual steps it takes to execute, will provide an accurate blueprint to goal-achievement, success, and prosperity.

Empowerment - We believe that it is our employees that can really make the difference with our business partners. It is our job to design a system that gives our employees the tools necessary to succeed, and empower them to take control of their own success and trust that they will do the right thing with the customers that are in their hands, sustaining our tradition of DRIVE.

These are the five values that D.R.I.V.E. us to succeed!

What DRIVES you?!

Our Affiliations and Certifications


CTS certified through InfoComm!


Tandberg Certified Representative


State of Tennessee Contractors License

SMART Certified Trainer
110 Glancy St, Suite 204
Goodlettsville, TN 37072